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Picture Description - View Left to Right

1. Two medium rectangular nozzles.
2. "Y" shaped nozzle with two vacuum areas to pick up the connectors displayed underneath.
3. Side vacuum nozzle to be used with front-lighting to pick up the two connectors underneath.
4. Nut nozzle. The nut is underneath.
5. Large rectangular nozzles.
6. Deep "Y" shaped nozzle. It picks up the spade connector that plugs into the displayed socket.
7. Multiple suction cup nozzle for large ball grid ICs, one of which is displayed underneath.

The nozzle tips displayed here are representative of the kind of specialty work that we can do for you. All of these can be installed on the IP-3, QP-2, or QP-3 nozzle bodies.


Round IP3 backgrounds reduce collisions on the tool change nozzle rack!

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