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Nozzle Tips  Introduction

Thank You for visiting the new "Nozzle Tips" brought to you by NSC (Nozzle Supply Company)

This site will allow Technicians and Engineers alike to view helpful and beneficial information regarding nozzle maintenance and performance. The continuing success of this page depends on "YOU" the user.
We will also have additional Links for Contributing Articles and Questions.
If you or anyone you know would like to contribute an article to this site please let us know.

Along with the "Nozzle Tips" articles, there will be many questions that will arise. There are some areas that as nozzle manufacturers we just cannot answer, such as...
1)Can you switch off the UV lamp to decrease the damage caused to the reflective paper on nozzles during "wait" time or "downtime"?
2)Will switching off the UV lamp shorten the lamp life?
We would like to know and I'm sure others will as well. So if anyone can answer these question please let us know.

NSC brings 30+ years of machining and manufacturing experience for nozzle manufacturing to the SMT Industry. So, to kick this off, we have given our very own..."Mr. Metal Meister" himself, the honor of writing the very first article for the "Nozzle Tips".


Thank you and we look forward to your support,
NSC(Nozzle Supply Company)

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