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Part Number Description
8-CREE-XM Nozzle for CREE XM L LED with Teflon insert (Click for photo and information)
8-156UF Special for 0201s UF .020 X .010 With taper (Click for photo and information)
8-1567060-0 30-19054 XF .030 x .018 with taper (30-15171 from old Quad manual)
8-1567060-1 30-19055 XG .040 x .028 with taper (30-10751 from old Quad manual)
8-1567060-7 30-19061 XGS .117 x .055 with seal
8-1567060-3 30-19057 XH .055 x .040 with taper (30-15528 from old Quad manual)

30-15531 AA .162 x .094

5-1567061-5 30-19951 BAS .244 x .141 with seal
4-1567056-5 30-15532 BA .244 x .153 with no seal
6-1567021-4 10-21228 Vision with V Ring Q Series
1567056-4 30-13084 Vision for 4C
8-1567012-8 10-14097 Z-rod (bellows)

We are now making our own Z-Rod bellows. All machining and assembly operations are done in house.
These new Z-Rods have the following improvements:
#1) All critical machining operations of both the slider and screw are done in one chucking so the critical surfaces have absolute concentricity.
#2) The threads are accurately milled for a precision fit.
#3) The tube is super finished for smoother travel of the slider.
#4) We are holding an extremely close tolerance on the slider bore.
These improvements will lead to a longer working life plus better placement accuracy.

New nozzle tips. Excellent quality at a new low price.

For more info, contact us at:
PO Box 1273
Poth, TX 78147
Office 830-484-0360
Toll Free 877-603-3300

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